Postdoc, IARC Lyon

Postdoc, IARC Lyon

A postdoctoral scientist opportunity is available in the IARC Environment and Lifestyle Epidemiology Branch, to contribute to the European Code Against Cancer [5th edition] (ECAC5) and Boosting the Usability of the European Union Mobile App for Cancer Prevention (BUMPER) projects. Among other activities, the Environment and Lifestyle Epidemiology Branch aims to enable cancer prevention and control worldwide through translation of research evidence into actionable recommendations for the general public and guidelines for decision-makers.

Postdoctoral Opportunity, Environment and Lifestyle Epidemiology Branch, IARC Lyon


    The selected candidate will interact closely with Dr Carolina Espina, supervisor, with other scientists in the Branch and at IARC, including the ECAC5 project manager. The European Code Against Cancer (ECAC) provides the general population in the European Union with evidence-based recommendations on actions they can take to reduce their cancer risk. First published in the 1980s, the current version (4th edition) will be updated in the ECAC5 project based on the latest scientific evidence. ECAC5 will expand the scope of the ECAC by tailoring outputs to different target audiences and fostering the transfer of cancer prevention knowledge into policy and health system strategies. BUMPER is a multidisciplinary project comprised of leading research institutes and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), which runs in parallel to ECAC5. The BUMPER project aims to support and enhance the design, development, and targeted promotion of the EU Mobile App for Cancer Prevention. The purpose of the EU Mobile App for Cancer Prevention is to encourage the uptake of the ECAC5 recommendations by the end-users of the App. Both the updated European Code Against Cancer and the EU Mobile App for Cancer Prevention are key actions of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan. The selected candidate will play an important to reinforce the complementarity between the ECAC5 and BUMPER projects.

Frist: 10.04.2023

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